Preserve SC’s Endangered Sacred Spaces Fund

"Here's a meaningful and beautiful gift for Christmas. Bill Fitzpatrick has given us a sacred book, one for the ages."


By Author & Photographer, Bill Fitzpatrick

Proceeds Benefit Preservation South Carolina’s Endangered Sacred Spaces Fund 

This magnificent book contains 248 pages filled with magnificent photographs and stories of some of the most interesting sacred spaces in South Carolina. Writer and Photographer Bill Fitzpatrick takes us on a tour of the famous and less known churches while introducing us to the people who go about the business of guarding their church’s history and our states spiritual heritage. 

Bill has graciously donated this stunning book to Preservation South Carolina for the purposes of creating an Endangered Sacred Spaces Fund that will be utilized to save those endangered sacred spaces that are at risk of being lost. So as you enjoy the history and stories of the sacred spaces in the book, know that your purchase will help ensure that those sacred spaces that now stand empty and at risk of loss will not be forsaken. 

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