JV Martin Junior High School

JV Martin Junior High School • Dillon, South Carolina

Built: Grade School: 1896
Auditorium and Gym: 1936
Home Economics building: 1910
Additions: [shop, offices, classrooms, cafeteria, band room]: 1957

What is its history?

JV Martin Junior High School was built in 1896 and was later closed after a visit from former President Barack Obama in 2007. Because of the conditions of the school there were petitions to replace the school which later happened after the election of Barack Obama.

What are its challenges?

The School District built a new school outside of town and abandoned the complex. The property was sold it to a local 501(c)3 who wanted to ensure the school was not lost: The Dillon Historic School Foundation. It has been difficult raising money and the buildings have degraded in the past 2 years.

What it represents:

JV Martin Junior High School represents the loss of historical rural schools.