The 2018 Places at Risk List

Preservation South Carolina has identified the following as their 2018 At Risk Historic Properties within our state.
A historic place or property can be a building, structure, site, district, landscape or streetscape nominated by a community, group, or an individual.

The Preservation South Carolina Board of Directors has chosen the following 8 properties:

Charleston Navy Yard Officers’ Quarters National Historic District

Charleston, South Carolina

Year Built: 1898-1966

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James F. Byrnes Building

Columbia, South Carolina

Built: 1957

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JV Martin Junior High School

Dillon, South Carolina

Built: Grade School: 1896
Auditorium and Gym: 1936
Home Economics building: 1910
Additions: shop, offices, classrooms, cafeteria, band room: 1957

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Kensington Slave/Freedman Dwelling

Richland, South Carolina

Built: 1855

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Piedmont Manufacturing Company Footbridge

Piedmont, South Carolina

Built in Year: 1888

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Pine Tree Motel, Mosquito Beach

Charleston, South Carolina

Built: 1961

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Sulzbacher House

Florence, South Carolina

Estimated Construction: 1912

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Trinity Episcopal Church

Abbeville, South Carolina

Built: 1859-60

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