Our Successes

2020: Preservation Successes

Saving endangered historic places like these is no small feat and future generations depend on what Preserve SC accomplishes in the preservation of historic legacies like the ones pictured below. We need your help to ensure 2020 is as successful as 2019. #YourMembershipMatters


Newry Mill

Newry Mill to be redeveloped into Multi Family Housing in Oconee County

Seneca, S.C. – M Peters Group, a Greenville based developer specializing in restoring environmentally compromised property, today announced plans to redevelop the Newry Mill in Oconee County. The $60,000,000 million capital investment is expected to breathe new life into the Newry Historic District.

The Newry Historic District encompasses a textile mill village established at the turn of the century. Situated in a rural setting in the Little River Valley, the town of Newry is visually isolated by a series of surrounding ridges, dense forest, and a large earthen dam on Lake Keowee, which form the boundaries of the district. The district contains 118 properties including the mill complex, mill office, company store and post office, village church, and numerous worker’s residences, located within an area of approximately 250 acres. Originally established as the Courtenay Mill, it was constructed in a typical New England textile factory design. Most of the buildings in Newry were built during the period 1893-1910 and are examples of the turn-of-the century genre of mill village design in South Carolina.

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2019: A Year of Preservation Successes


Wyche House - SOLD!

Following a generous donation by the Wyche family descendants and the Thomas Wyche Fund, Preservation SC was able to replicate 20 window sashes, hundreds of feet of decorative woodwork, and pre-pay 40 gallons of paint. After holding this house for 11 years saving it from certain demolition, the Wyche Family Donation helped to attract the perfect family who desired to invest in the property.

Preservation South Carolina is proud to announce success in finding the future caretakers of the Wyche Derrick House, located in Prosperity, SC.

The Wyche Derrick House was constructed in 1889 by Dr Cyril and Carrie Sease Wyche. Dr Wyche was a leader in the community acting as councilman, mayor and elected to the state legislature where he was elected speaker pro-tem. Later the House was lived in by the Derrick Family whose descendants sold the property to Preservation SC in 2008 to ensure their family home would never be destroyed.

The new owners will have to abide by a rehabilitation agreement and a preservation easement, ensuring the house will be rehabbed in a timely manner according to Secretary of Interior Standards and never be under threat of demolition again.


Trinity of Abbeville Steeple Restoration

Trinity of Abbeville - RESTORATION!

Phase One of restoration has begun! After months of due diligence and consulting multiple engineers, Preservation SC, with the help of Meadors Inc. from Charleston, has signed with restoration specialists Midwest Maintenance of Augusta, GA to begin work repairing the sanctuary roof, replacing the internal gutter system, replicating and replacing the crenellations on the north parapet wall, and stabilizing the steeple of the 1860 structure. The National Fund for Sacred Places in Philadelphia has announced that Trinity was one of only 10 churches in the US to receive a $250,000 stabilization grant! Preserve SC, with the help of Friends of Trinity Abbeville, are now tasked with raising the $500,000 match necessary to lift, straighten and replace the foundational timbers supporting the iconic 125 foot tall steeple.



Clanmore - SOLD!

This unique Greek revival plantation home is located in the Feasterville section of NW Fairfield County and has stood empty for a generation. Preservation South Carolina negotiated an option agreement with the owner, placed it on the market, and sold it within three weeks of listing it. The new owner is required to restore the house within three years. This historic structure is protected by a Preservation SC easement.



Pottersville - PURCHASED!

This is the last remaining home in the village of Pottersville in Edgefield, SC. Pottersville was founded by Dr. Abner Landrum in 1817 and was created as a manufacturing center for Edgefield Pottery during its pre Civil War heyday. The structure is believed to have served as a Methodist church, the Pottersville Academy, and the home of John Kirksey. The original structure was built between 1790 & 1820 and may have been the home of Abner’s father, Samuel Landrum. Preservation SC and community leaders are working to secure resources to develop this as a Pottersville visitor center & heritage museum.


Beaty Gas Station

Beaty Gas Station - DONATED!

The Beaty family graciously donated this historic gas station that had been in their family since 1950 so as to support the restoration of Trinity Episcopal next door. It is hoped we can attract an investor who will purchase the property and utilize historic and abandoned building tax credits for the properties rehabilitation.


Wolfe House

Wolfe House - FOR SALE!

This magnificent Federal 1830s house located on Congress Street in downtown Winnsboro has stood empty for decades and is in a terrible state of disrepair. It’s places like this that would be doomed for demolition if it weren’t for Preservation SC leveraging our connections in the community and building relationships with the owners. After lengthy negotiations with the heirs of the previous owner, Preservation SC was able to obtain an exclusive option to purchase the property and make it available for restoration by a new owner.